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About our Croydon Gardening Service

Hardy Gardeners is a South London Croydon based Gardening Service with a passion for all aspects of gardening produced to a high standard of work.

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A spectacular transformation, we will be enjoying our garden for many years to come.

Laurence Unwin

Your garden is a place of rest and recovery from the stress & strains of everyday life. We appreciate the unique place a garden provides in a persons life and can design the perfect environment tailored to you and your family′s needs.

Our Gardening Services

Complete garden restoration is what we love to do, but maybe you have a garden that you already enjoy but just don't have the time or energy to maintain it or mow the lawn. Don't worry! we will do everything for you and can plan regular scheduled maintenance visits.

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Frank Milane's Garden
Frank Milane's Garden

We can make sure your have a beautiful lawn all year round by cutting every other week throughout March to November and using lawn treatments throughout the year. Please contact us for a free no obligation consultation today. Read More»


One sure way to increase your houses market value is by making sure the garden looks its best and is showing its full potential.

For a landlord trying to attract the attention of working professionals or for someone selling a property then this is essential. A well maintained garden can increase your property value by 6%.

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