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Hardy Gardening Customer Comments


Thank you for all your very hard work. It is thanks to you our garden looked beautiful for our party. In pact, it has never looked so good - even in winter

Suzanne Durov


Thank you for giving my garden a new lease of life by transforming an eyesore into a practical and welcoming place to entertain. Thank you also for your hard work and reliability

Joy Fellowes


Great job, very efficient, reasonable price

Russell Conn


A remarkable transformation from messy & overgrown to a well designed & landscaped garden. The work has been carried out by a knowledgable & enthusiastic team. A spectacular transformation, we will be enjoying it for many years to come

Laurence Unwin


I always dreaded the sight of the garden from my window but now cannot wait to sunbath and have BBQ's

Linda White


Keith & John have shown their experience & expertise whilst working on my small plot which is 48ft x 18ft, with many pots & many father Christmas's

Helen Daniels

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